OnlOnline Order System

Honor Pos Online order system will help you design a personalization online order website. The dedicate picture will give your customer a prefect online order experience that they never have before. Online order system and honor pos online order system has been integrated deeply. There is no need for another person to care about the order, payment and print process. What's more, when you receive an order, your wechat will also receive it which will show the detail of what customer ordered. So, you won't miss any ticket even if your restaurant's network is down.

Perfectly applied for: Dine in restaurant, take out and delivery restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Milk Tea Restaurant, Seafood restaurant, ice restaurant, supermaket, convenient store

Online order system introduction


No commission for online order

1. Online order platform won't have extra commissions.
2. The problem is solved prefectly that the profuse commission charged by third party online platform.
3. the cost for restaurant delivery will be down 30%.

Online order is integrated with the honor pos system

1. the online order will appear in the order list of honor pos system.
2. No need to enter the order manually.
3. the mistake of wrong order will be down 99.9%.
4. you can save money for hiring another employee.
5. the website synchro with the honor pos system. Whether the webiste is closed or not depends to the pos system which can prevent missing order caused by internet problem.
6. if you choose to pay online, it will batch automatically. No intermediate process.

Enhance your restaurant's brand awareness

1. Free design for your restaurant's website.
2. the customers can enjoy the quick order exprience indoors.
3. online order can provide exquisite menu show with pictures and details.
4. network interaction can enhance restaurant awareness.
5. gather customers' favor and sale statistic to promote effiently.