Honor Online Order System

The Honor Online Order System customizes an online ordering platform for you with exquisite images that bring an unprecedented online ordering experience to your customers. The Online Order System is also deeply integrated with the Honor POS order and checkout system, and the entire ordering, payment, and billing process is fully automated without any manual intervention. The Online Order System also supports WeChat order taking function, which can still ensure order taking without missing orders even in the case of network interruption in the store.

Perfect fit: Dine-in restaurants, takeout restaurants, self-serve restaurants, tea shops, seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, supermarkets, convenience stores.

Introduction to the Online Ordering System


Zero Commission on Ordering

1. There is no commission on the online ordering platform.
2. Perfectly solve the serious drawback of third-party takeout platform commission.
3. Reduce restaurant takeout costs by 30%.

Directly synchronize with the POS system

1. Online orders are directly entered into the ordering system.
2. No manual operation is required.
3. The error rate of ordering is reduced by 99.9%.
4. On average, the restaurant can save one employee for order taking.
5. The website and restaurant computer are synchronously opened and closed to avoid missing orders due to network problems.
6. Online credit card payment directly enters the restaurant account with no intermediate steps.

The strongest Brand Display

1. Design a personalized ordering website for the restaurant for free.
2. Enjoy convenient ordering experience without leaving home.
3. Online ordering provides detailed and exquisite dish display to expand the market.
4. Network interaction promotion improves restaurant recognition.
5. Collect consumer data and taste preferences for efficient promotion.