Pad Ordering System

Honor Pos pad ordering system have all fuctions of honor pos pc version. It can be installed in IOS system and windows system. Pad can also use printer and connect credit card machine to swipe credit card. All these make pad become a movable computer. So you can use it to order and payment more easily which can offer a quicker operating efficency.

Perfectly applied for: Dine in restaurant, take out and delivery restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Milk Tea Restaurant, Seafood restaurant, ice restaurant, supermaket, convenient store


1. The design caters to personality. The pad system can make your restaurant become more gogerous which will customers enjoying meals better.
2. The simple system can make customers know more about your ciusines and restaurant.
3. If you create an order, kitchen printer will print a ticket automatically. The cook can easily know what to do. All these can make your restaurant become more effiency.
4. you can modify your orders any time and anywhere in your restaurant. Also, this change will be sent to kitchen automatically.
5. With a pad, you can save a lot of time because you don't need to run to kitchen every time. The system can also prevent servers from making an wrong order or any other order problems.
6. The pad system are connected with the main computer. If you change a setting in main computer, the pad will change synchronously.
7. The pad system is like a client computer which means that you can use a lower price to buy another clinet computer. You can change price or item in pad system any time.