About HonorPOS

Honor Pos is a computer service company which included POS software development, software and hardware sales, website construction, credit card service, gift card printing and uniform customized designing.

In today's highly informationized and networked society, only hign-quality products and powerful POS software can assist your business most effectively! Our POS software is easy and pratical and also have strong ability of timely analysing the datas. Such as sales total analysis, item sales trend analysis, customers' favor analysis and analysis of consumption behavior. These datas will let you map out a stragegy and know your restaurant's operation situtation and you can also adjust your sales strategy according to the datas. Your sales will go up a storey still higher.

Honor Pos aims to provide high-qualily and inexpenive products and also provide sincere and prefect services. We have a professional IT team who willl solve your problems with remote connect in 24/7. Your brand and business will gey promotion.

Customer foucused is the purpose for honor pos. Your satisfaction is our success.