Shadow Cloud

Follows you like a shadow, you can learn about restaurant operations without leaving home, order anytime, and view reports.

»Remote management of restaurant order information, no missed orders
»View daily business reports from home
»Information data security management

Kitchen Display Screen

The kitchen display system is a digital screen that can replace handwritten or printed manual tickets. When orders are generated and updated, the kitchen display will synchronize with the screen.

»Sort orders according to order of completion, time management is clearer and more efficient
»The kitchen display system can clearly convey detailed information about orders, reducing errors
»Can reduce restaurant paper waste and save costs
»Powerful function, simple operation, improve work efficiency


Self-service ordering kiosks are suitable for dine-in, take-out, milk tea shops, self-service restaurants, etc., and ordering, payment, and meal pickup can all be done self-service.

»Improve the efficiency of customer ordering and reduce restaurant labor costs
»Relieve the pressure on staff to take orders, and improve the quality of restaurant service
»Show popular restaurant dishes, elevate the image of the restaurant
»Adjust menu items, pictures, and prices at any time to maintain restaurant freshness