Order and Cash Register System

The Honor POS order and cash register system is perfect for industries such as restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salons, etc. With its simple and user-friendly operation logic and flexible menu settings, it also supports bilingual switching. It supports incoming call display and automatically calculates the delivery distance through the delivery address. It supports inventory management. The detailed reports also allow you to have a good grasp of the operational status and support mobile reports, allowing you to remotely view the business status in the store.

Perfectly Suitable: Dine-in Restaurant, Takeout Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Tea Shop, Seafood Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Supermarket, Convenience Store

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1. Various functions, supports bilingual.
2. Comprehensive and easy-to-learn interface, with multiple display templates.
3. Flexible and changeable printing style settings, capable of realizing tens of thousands of printing styles, which can be personalized according to the actual situation.
4. Strong order splitting function, supporting average splitting, splitting by dish and splitting by table.
5. Supports inventory management to be aware of inventory status and achieve effective cost management.
6. Supports chain version gift card and discount card.
7. Clear employee report to understand employee performance.
8. Supports mobile reports, allowing you to stay informed about the operation status from home.
9. Special information security protection, no need to worry about information leaks.