Ordering and Cashier System

Honor Pos ordering system is perfectly applicable for catering industry, supermarket, beauty industry etc.. The system is simple and easy to operate. Menu setting is also very flexible and it supports bilingual switching. Caller id can be set in the system and it can also caculate distance according to the address. You can also manage inventory easily. The complementary report can make you know your oprating state better. We provides online report which makes you can check the business situation in your phone everywhere.

Perfectly applied for: Dine in restaurant, take out and delivery restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Milk Tea Restaurant, Seafood restaurant, ice restaurant, supermaket, convenient store

POS Software Introduction     POS operation manual    

The video for pos software introduction


1. mutilple fuctions, support bilingual switch.
2. The integrated interface is simple and easy to learn. It has several templates.
3. Fexible printer setting and can achieve thouands of printing format. It can also be set by personal requirements.
4. powerful spilt fuction: average split, spilt by item, spily by table. We can also spilt item first and then split order.
5. Supporting add inventory and dedeuct inventory automatically by sale item so you can easily know the inventory situtation. You can also manage cost effectively.
6. Support chain gift card and discount card.
7. In employee report, you can know your employees' performance.
8. you can use your cell phone to check report, so you don't need to stay in your restaurant all time.
9.special security protection for informaton to make sure the info won't be giving away.