Honor Self-Service QR Code Ordering System

The Honor QR code ordering system can generate a QR code for each table in a restaurant, allowing customers to order directly by scanning the QR code. Orders are directly pushed to the Honor POS system and sent to the kitchen. Self-service ordering through scanning QR codes greatly reduces traditional manual service work such as ordering and billing. It supports multiple ordering channels and supports the traditional Chinese restaurant and fast food take-out modes for delivery to the table and calling for delivery.

Perfectly suitable for: sit-down restaurants, takeout restaurants, self-service restaurants, tea shops, seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, supermarkets, convenience stores.

Introduction to Honor Self-Service QR Code Ordering


1. Easy self-service ordering with a mobile phone scan of the QR code, efficiently retaining queuing customers.
2. Saving service time and improving turnover rate.
3. Reducing service costs, adjusting prices, changing menus, and updating content anytime.
4. Interactive communication and promotion, easy to share on social networks, and increase dining interest.
5. Improving the restaurant's network recognition and building a brand for dishes and restaurants.