Scanning Barcode to Order

Honor scanning order system which can create a barcode for each table. The customers can order directly by scanning the barcode. When they submit the order, the order will appear in your honorpos system and will send to kicthen automatically. Scanning order can reduce manual working compared to traditional order process. It can support many kinds of payment type and also support sending cuisines to table or give cuisines according to order number which are the two mode for traditional chinese menu mode and quick order.

Perfectly applied for: Dine in restaurant, take out and delivery restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Milk Tea Restaurant, Seafood restaurant, ice restaurant, supermaket, convenient store

Introduction for honor self-service qr code ordering system


1. The customers don't need to queue up for meals because they can order by scanning the barcode with their phone.
2. saving service time.
3. reduce the cost for service. You can change the menu, price or details anytime.
4. network interaction.
5. enhance the awareness for your restaurant which is benifical to set up your brand.