Asian Bistro

Asian Bistro offers support for Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine and bar. With excellent cooking skills, food and ingredients are chosen with fresh vegetables and meats, each dish is prepared with care just for you, and made with more concern for your health than your own, so eat with confidence, eat happily, and the pleasant dining environment makes you feel more comfortable than at home. Make your travels an unforgettable dining experience.

  • Store:1
  • Purchase: 1 computer, 1 printer, 1 Pad
  • Advantages of HonorPos system::
    • A POS system structure specifically designed for Hibachi, billing is separate according to seat, and both the chef and the service staff are clear at a glance
    • Customers use E-Menu electronic menu for self-service ordering, reducing a large amount of human costs
    • Dishes arrive at different kitchen units through the POS at the same time, saving time for notifying each one

Service is considerate and provides take-out service. Credit cards are supported, we work seven days a week, and you are welcome to order and eat at any time.
Please note dietary-conscious dishes - low sodium and mild seasoning. All dishes are cooked with plant oil. Thank you for dining at ASIAN BISTRO.
Please feel free to provide any suggestions or opinions. Your opinions, whether praise or criticism, will help us in our mission to constantly improve.

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