Poke City

Poke City is a new and emerging concept that draws inspiration from the traditional Hawaiian dish of POKE BOWL. It is a customizable and simple salad bowl that combines your choice of cooked chicken, seafood, or fresh raw fish like tuna, salmon, albacore, with greens or rice as the base, and an unlimited choice of fresh veggies toppings - making for a delicious and flavorful dish. Even the basic Poke bowl is high in protein and low in calories, making this unique salad bowl the perfect choice for busy modern lifestyles.

  • Store:1
  • Equipment: 1 computer, 2 printers
  • Advantages of HonorPos system::
    • Specifically structured for the Hibachi POS system, with billing done separately according to seat, making it clear at a glance.
    • Customers can order using the E-Menu electronic menu, reducing a lot of manpower costs.

At Poke City, we care about our customers. Our commitment is to ensure product quality by using only the freshest ingredients in every Poke bowl. We also offer a variety of tea beverages, from homemade loose-leaf tea to traditional classic teas and fresh fruit smoothies. We welcome you to enjoy our comfortable dining atmosphere and try our signature Poke bowl for yourself!

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